90 Days to Wed

There are officially 90 Days (3months) til my wedding guys and it feels like I just got engaged…

I Lie…It’s a mixed bag.

Since the day of the proposal, I been riding this roller coaster called time like a warrior. Some days, I feel like I’ve been engaged forever and can’t wait til we are finally married. Other days, I look at the calendar and I’m struck by how fast time is flying.  There is a little woman in my head screaming

“SLOW DOWN.. I need more time to plan!!”.

At the same time, there’s another little woman in my chest cavity screaming

“OMG…can we just skip to the vows.. then the honeymoon”  😉

Anyway… Back to the reason for this post. 

We are officially, 90 days out… Woopie!! This is the period the wedding magazines (and blogs) are calling the crucial time for “self-care” aka body prep. Us brides should be in the final leg of the Get-It-Right-Get-It-Tight marathon. It’s also the time (according to the mags) to start a skincare routine and shift to a healthier diet. As I type this, I am snacking on groundnut (roasted peanuts) straight from the motherland (Nigeria obviously).  With the exception of a malt or gingerbeer I’m done with soda. I also want to start a reasonable workout routine.

*Don’t Judge*

I wonder what else I should be doing at the 90 day mark? 


On a side note: Today is also February 29th aka Leap Day! Even though I had only a few hours of sleep, there is just something about today that puts me in good spirits.  Even my coworkers noticed. Lol

Today is an extra 24hrs to make 2016 the best year yet so use it wisely.


– Michelle