TBT | Creative Writing: Agege Bread

Though it may not seem like it by the number of posts on my blog, I have been blogging and writing for a long time.  My blog has been up and down but its ok… It never hurts to get up and try again. As a start I have been playing with the idea of having a weekly Throwback from my collection of old posts.

To Kick-off this series here are one of my story-time posts from 2012.

Title: Creative Writing: Agege Bread

Date: 4/26/12

Just wanted to give you a sample of what is keeping me away from you all:

Photo via zikoko.com
Photo via zikoko.com

“…So there I was, fetching water from the well when a cry rang out. It was piercing but melodic in nature.

“BIIII BuuREEEEDEE” is what it sounded like.

“Kini?” is what I said.

As I looked up from my task, I realized whatthe crier was actually saying.


Bread. I thought to myself.  “Oh Shit” I said, as a I so rarely do.

The bread seller was walking down the road on the other side of the metal fence. I could smell the fresh baked goodness, carried on the trays they expertly balanced on their heads. There were two of them. I ran to the room, for my secret stash of twenty Naira notes. I didn’t even worry about someone seeing where I hid my key. I would remove it later. Bread was calling my name.

I ran to the fence and called out to them.

“Mo fe ra bread” I said in my rusty Yoruba. I was still learning my native tongue…

“How mushh?” one asked in his rusty english, he must not have had a lot of practice either.

Excited for a quick sale, the bread carriers rushed the gate. I think they knew what was about to happen next because a sense of urgency overtook them…”

Memories from my days in Secondary School…