Monday Motivation #1 | Self Confidence

Happy Monday to you!!

Monday is one of those days of the week that people dread- whether for good cause or just out of habit.   I thought it would be nice to provide you (and myself) with some encouragement, tips or advice for Mondays (and the great week ahead).


Today’s post is on being confident in yourself.

Last Friday, after a long day at the office, was heading out, when I stopped to chat with a colleague (Bobby).  After a brief chat, I looked out the window and said aloud “I’ll head out now because it looks like it’s going to rain. “ Bobby preceded to tell me it was not even close to raining because the sky was blue. I looked out and I could see the twinge of gray in the sky.  After a 30 second debate, I could see how confident Bobby was in this fact. So I conceded with a “well, I guess you are right”. Bobby totally looked triumphant.

Let me tell you friends, I got in my car and as soon as I drove out of the lot it started raining. I don’t mean misting or drizzle. It was a real rain shower.  At that moment I felt two emotions. 

I was quite proud that my instincts for weather forecasting were still sharp but then I was annoyed that I let Bobby win that debate. Not because of facts, but because I second guessed myself.


Three things I learned and I want you to take into the week

1.  Be confident in yourself

Walk into that situation (meeting, interview, presentation etc) with confidence.  Whether you are qualified or not, right or wrong.  Your confidence could be the one thing that would swing things in your favor.

2.  Don’t second guess yourself

 Which also ties into being confident but what I mean here is that once you are confident in something, go with it. Don’t let anyone cause you to second guess your steps/decisions.  It sucks changing your mind about something, only to find out you were right–after the fact.

 3. Fake it til you make it

If you are lacking in the self-confidence department, FAKE IT.  When you make it a habit to appear confident in front of others, overtime, it will start to ring true (on the inside).  Strike a superman pose at least once a day or before a major presentation or interview to get an extra boost of confidence (IT ACTUALLY WORKS)

Over all, have an awesome Monday and enjoy the rest of your week!!!

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