TBT | Calm Before The Storm

Title: Creative Writing: Calm Before The Storm

Date: 10/28/12

Hurricane Sandy is on it’s way and…

It’s Sunday night and all weekend I’ve been hearing about Sandy, Sandy Sandy… If I wasn’t the smart cookie that I am, I would have thought she was a Kardashian or something ^_^

Photo by benkrut/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by benkrut/iStock / Getty Images


As of about noon, I’ve been checking Weather.com hourly. It’s not that I’m scared. I just like to be prepared. As one of my uncles would say “Don’t be an Ibadan christian” (No offense to my Ibadanians, I love that city). What he means is make sure your faith is strong but don’t be ignorant/negligent. If you are sick, pray for healing and take your meds. God may heal you through the meds or give you that instant miracle.


As of now, these things have occurred:

  1. Obama has issued MD state of emergency.
  2. Governor O’Malley has closed most state Offices and MTA service
  3. Federal offices are closed
  4. Early voting has been suspended
  5. Schools are closing. 

Now,  is it me or should I be looking for a bunker some where?

With my experience from the July storm (No power for a week + Accident) I’m wise enough to not stock my fridge with food, not travel around and keep all appliances hooked to their respective chargers. I have checked Teddy’s food supply and filled my gas tank.

I have a 1/2 box of Ramen noodles, frozen blended pepper, rice and a gas stove, so I will not starve. With the change of job, I don’t have to worry about ironing and my hair is shake and go. That being said I think I’m pretty set. If all else fails I have already mapped out crashpads for me, my electronics and dog 🙂 

You all know who you are. *hint hint* 

What I will do is pray and wish for the safety of all my North-East Coasters!.


Last Friday, I was in the middle of a perfusion and the specimen that was supposed to be immobilized ended up doing a near back flip in my face. I jumped back so face I think I pulled something. Trust and believe that when it came time for specimen number two, the bad boy was tied down S&M style. 

No Games! 

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