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Trying a New Recipe | Swedish Meatballs

A few weeks ago, I was on youtube watching Laura in the Kitchen (as I always do) and she was making Swedish Meatballs. I have my dad’s recipe for meatballs and apart from Ikea, I don’t really enjoy many others so I rarely try. Last night, I saw one of those minute long recipe videos on Instagram and guess what they were making… Swedish Meatballs!

Not sure how many times I am going to type Swedish Meatballs.. but I digress.

The recipe follows exactly that of Laura Vitale’s, you can find it here. With the exception of a few steps/ingredients that I’ll list below. I also took pictures so you follow what I did.

My Ingredients….  not pictured is one egg. Ignore the celery.


Finely diced onions and a 1 Tb of butter..Sauteed for 5mins

Removed from heat and added salt, nutmeg and allspice


Completely mixed all ingredients by hand

Onion mixture, cayenne pepper, ground beef, bread crumbs & milk, salt & pepper, 1 egg,

Formed meatballs… 1lb of beef made about 24 meatballs

Not pictured…

I added olive oil to the pan and seared the meatballs until colored on each side and removed them from the pan.


Butter and flour makes a roux…stirring all the while.

Then added my beef stock,  meatballs, more cayenne pepper and allowed to boil.

Added 1/2 cup of sour cream..Laura Vitale’s Recipe calls for chopped parsley but I didn’t include it


At this point, the recipe is done but after tasting, I felt something was missing… I remembered the 2nd Recipe on IG and went a step further.

The missing piece.

Added 1/4 cup of Worcestershire to the sauce. Made a world of difference.

Served with Egg Noodles

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, I enjoyed the sauce more than I did the meatballs. It was a bit to sweet for my taste, even with the extra ground pepper.

In the future, I would make the sauce but stick with my dad’s recipe for now. Maybe I’ll share it soon 😉

I’ll still try new recipes though.

Let me Know what you think


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