BSX | My First Trimester pt 1

Pregnancy was quite a journey. Full of Ups, downs and funny stories. I’m sharing bits, pieces and tips in this series…

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Let me tell you about my first trimester guys. OMG. I mean they tell you what to expect but then they don’t really tell you. I started experiencing Morning Sickness (MS) about a week or so after I found out I was pregnant.  It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was nauseous and the relief one would normally have after throwing up would not come because I just couldn’t.  I had MS pretty much all day. But I will share some things I discovered:

  1. It’s usually worse in the morning because your body is just coming out of a period of fasting i.e. no food or drink.
  2. It is usually relieved by eating something bland as soon as you wake up. I had toast and saltines by the bed- always.
  3. Your sense of taste changes.. I found myself over-salting (and sometimes under-salting) food. Engr (husband) became the official food taster in the house.
  4. Since taste and smell are related, your sense of smell changes. I found myself more sensitive to smells and certain foods no matter how good they tasted before, I could not eat because of the smell. One particular smell I hated was the combination of smoked turkey and crayfish. This combo is very common in Nigerian recipes.
  5. Altered taste buds had me drinking only bottled water. Not just any type of water, It had to either be Nestle Pure, Voss or SmartWater. Thank God for Sam’s Club.

Short story….

Case of The Sausage/What’s That Smell?

Before pregnancy, I bought this bulk pack of chicken sausage from Sam’s Club. It tasted pretty good and I liked to use it for pasta. When the MS hit… I couldn’t stand the smell and because the pack was already opened, I couldn’t open the fridge/freezer without getting a concentrated whiff. I would literally gag every time I opened it. To help matters, I decided to put the opened pack inside a zip-loc which resolved a bit of the problem. I told Engr about it and explained why I couldn’t cook it for him. The whole house would smell vile (to me) lol. One day, I was doing my hair in the basement and when I came upstairs, I immediately gagged. Guess what Engr. cooked for himself?… That’s right. Chicken Sausage. About a month later, Engr was looking through the freezer and called out that he couldn’t find the sausage. I said, “I know”…. Silence, then a few minutes later “What do you mean, you know?”….

I Trashed It. LOL

Believe me… the story is funny now.  😉

So much more happened during the first trimester but I will share a few of them both here and on my YouTube channel. Don’t miss when the video drops. Subscribe to my channel here.

When my face was starting to fill out but no one could tell... :-)

When my face was starting to fill out but no one could tell… 🙂

Until then… XO