Meet McBear… | Gender Reveal (Kind of)


Today, I thought I’d jump forward in time before continuing the pregnancy series (look out for a post tomorrow). I wanted to introduce you all to BabySoXtra AKA McBear BKA Micah.

I have to be honest, this is the hardest post I have ever had to write because I have enjoyed keeping him all to myself.

Back story… When we found out we were pregnant, I was happy, excited and scared all at the same time. Once people know you are pregnant, the next thing to ask is… what’s the sex? And what do you want? Of course my first desire is for a happy healthy baby but on the off chance that I get to choose, my heart prayed for a little boy.

Either because of the way I carried or what I was craving, quite a few people thought I was having girl. At one point, I got so annoyed when someone said “how is she?”  (she being the baby), I flipped out *covers face*. Then I remembered myself and said another prayer.

As standard procedures go, we were able to find out the sex by Week 19 but  I just wasn’t interested in finding out in the exam room and then returning to business as usual. I wanted the “Knowing” to be special so when we went to for the sonogram, we had the technician place the results in a sealed envelope.

We bought this before we knew... Whether a girl or boy... This was going to be McBear's first Onsie. We bought this before we knew… Whether a girl or boy… This was going to be McBear’s first Onsie.

I carried the envelope with me every where and then after a while, it sat on our coffee table. The plan was to open the envelope on Christmas day. It would be the only gift we would give ourselves. The funny thing about this: Christmas day came but the day was so packed with events (church and parties) that it just did not feel like the right time. I was almost happy not knowing until delivery but Engr (husband) really wanted to know and threatened to open the envelope. Imagine… He wanted to open it on a random day? NO WAY!!!

Anyway, I said ok… we will do it on New Year’s Day. It’s just a week a way. We can do it.

Luckily, he agreed. You guys should know me by now. It’s not going to be as simple as opening an envelope. We had colored smoke and everything. Thanks to our friends (couple) who helped with the gender reveal. So on January 1st, 2017, we went to church, came home, settled in and then it was time… The camera was set, fuse lit and sparks began to fly.  When the smoke started, it appeared slightly pink but then that pretty blue shot through and I had all the feels… My prayers had been answered.

Long story short… Micah has been an amazing addition to our lives and now I finally get to share a hint of him with you…

*P.S. Mcbear turned one month yesterday… Don't worry. You will see him soon ;-) *P.S. Mcbear turned one month yesterday… Don’t worry. You will see him soon 😉


*Photos by Femi Osinowo unless noted