My Life as a wife (husband and wife)

My Life As a Wife… | #TBT

Happy Thursday Guys!!

I was combing through my drafted posts for today’s throwback and I discovered one I had started back when I was a Newly-New-Newlywed (HA!). I was a month in the game and was starting to see the light. Somethings have definitely changed now that we are over a year in but lets just focus on my thoughts at the time…  

It’s been almost a month into a marriage I have to say that it has treated me well. Not sure how much I can share but I will run through what I can.

10 Revelations About Being Married… For a Month. 

Note: Of course I have to be real with you- This post was never finished so there are only 6…*Covers Face*

  1. Your feelings for your husband/wife will change. Obviously in a good way. I think now that he is my husband, it is more intense. 
  2. You are now obligated to pack your husbands lunch for work. Before, I could get away with this as he was still living the bachelor life BUT NOW… lol
  3. “Your money” is now “Our money”. I mean, I knew this before and started working towards it after our engagement but it got real for a minute. I wanted to buy a particular bag last week and Mr. said NO! Don’t misinterpret this; after the wedding, comes reality. Reality means that we have bills to pay and WE have to pay them.
  4. Communication is Key. This is true in any relationship… business, friendships etc.  But it is a little different since getting married. Because most of our lives were separate, lapses in communication could slide without notice. Now a lapse in communication could mean, double groceries in the house or no groceries at all.
  5. Responsibilities should be but are not always equally shared. I am better at somethings than he is and vice versa. If we split everything down the middle, we wouldn’t have the best.
  6. Marriage weight is real. I lost a few pounds during the planning phases of the wedding but after the wedding… I did not care. I ate bread like I drank water juice. Even after cautioning, I still found myself eating larger portions than before. One night, I finished a regular sized entrée. That never happens. Even with salads.

This is where I stopped… What revelations did you have during your first month- or even year- of marriage? When can you consider yourself a marriage vet and how soon can I add that title to my resume?

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– Mikki

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