Getting Personal:

Hi, my name is Mikki Adekolu

Nigerian-American living in Maryland, USA.  My collection of “loves” include planning, creating, and being a new mom.

Fast facts about me:

  1. I love Dogs… Not all dogs but most. In my life, I have had 2…yes HAD… long story but I will have my forever pup one day.
  2. I enjoy cooking… My favorite dishes are always of the colorful sort. Plain food breaks my heart.
  3. I Love Cheese and can find a way to incorporate it into almost any dish. If I can’t, I’ll just have it as a snack later.
  4. I am a huge minions fan. They are just so cute.
  5. Cleaning is therapeutic for me.
  6. When it comes to hair, BIGGER is always better for me. (Ha!!) Wigs and Crochet styles are my go to but my natural hair works perfectly too.

Back to Business:

With a love for creating comes a desire to share. Mikkisoxtra.com was created to as a platform to share not only my creations but bits and pieces of my life.

In my corner of the internet, you are bound to find:

  • DIYs (Tutorials)
  • Recipes
  • Life Lessons
  • Photos
  • Advice and
  • The occasional affiliate link (lol – I have to pay Inter(net)rent some how)

There is so much more to come but for now, enjoy.