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So We Went To The Movies (Baby+We)


During July 4th weekend. We decided to brave the movies as a family. Yup, that’s one momma, one poppa, one Grandma and one baby. The most important thing you have to know about having a schedule with a baby is that there really is no schedule. HA! You could be right on time to leave the house then Bam! Diaper Blow Out!! – You’re knocked back 20mins. In this case we were only 10mins behind.

Alas, even if we had gotten to our regular theatre 10mins early, we would have still been S.O.L. the movie was sold out.

Lucky for us,  Baltimore county is populated with many theatres. Another 15min drive and we arrived at a far less exciting but far less packed option.

Now for the timeline of events:

Waiting for the movie to begin
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