TBT | 400 or Less….

Title:  400 or Less….

Date: 9/14/11

Hey bloggers,

So my goal for tonight’s today’s post is to update you on the life and times of, well, ME!!!

The trick is for me to do it in less than 400 words and so far I have used *Counts words* (41)

Lets get to it then…

1. School has started! Yay, Nay! I am almost 4 weeks in to my final semester as an undergrad. Right now it’s bitter-sweet I guess. I think the Highlight of it all is the fact that I’m taking another foreign language. Can you guess which one?! Nope not Spanish… It’s Yoruba. Course 102 to be exact. It’s been rather funny these past 3 weeks but I feel like I’m learning.  Sound’s like a future post, no?!  😉

2. Currently thinking about my future, and from the looks of my timeline, I will be a scholar for some time (lol). Getting a Doctorate will not be easy but I expect it will be loads of fun.

3. I have been searching for a creative writing class to take in the next 5 months. could be in the Maryland area or online so if any of you have an ideas pls let me know.

4. As of Wednesday I would have officially had my Braces for 6months… My, My teeth have moved miles… I was going to post a picture but unfortunately, My professional cleaning was postponed by a week…lol *Shrugs*

5.  My final thought for the day:  Summer is coming to a close and as I gradually put my lighter clothes away I get butterflies just thinking about some of the many things fall has to offer:

  • Starbucks Brings back their PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE: I remember when my parents never wanted us kids near a pumpkin because we did not celebrate Halloween..does this make me a naughty child?!
  • My fav. hoodies and jackets will rise from hibernation: I have a few layer remixes I’d like to try with them
  • Lower Energy bill. Thankful for Budget Billing 🙂
  • And more than I can think of at the moment.


Anyway..I wonder how I did?! (359)

Have a Happy Hump day Bloggers!!! (365)

I did it…Whoop WHOOP!!! Okkk I should stop typing now… (376)

I wonder if anyone, besides myself took time to count them?

Ok…I’m Done! (390)



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