Welcome to August | Monday Motivation

Welcome to August Guys!!
Welcome to August Guys!!

We are well into the second half of the year AND it’s Monday too, so you know what that means? Motivation Time.

Today’s topic: Trying something New!

Even though there is no perfect time like the present. I love the idea of a fresh start and it is awesome that a new month starts on the first day of the week.  Yes? No? Maybe so?

Anywho… Sometimes, We, as humans do, get bored with routine. Whether it’s ordering the same item on the menu no matter where you go, or having the same routine at the gym. We get bored. And when we get bored we lose the motivation and the joy of those things.  It’s important to spice things up, flip the script once in a while. Be adventurous.

Don’t know what to do? Here are some easy ways to switch things up and try something new:

1.       Instead of going straight for that one item on the menu, ask for the Special of the day. 

2.       Running every day? Pick a new route or go for a bike ride.

3.       Stale gym routines can plateau your body goals. Take a gym class. Even simpler, do your routine backwards (ie start from the end and work up to the beginning).

4.       Visit a friend you have not seen in a while.

5.       Visit a makeup counter or drugstore on your lunch break and try a new lipstick (if work permits)

6.       Going somewhere new? Invite a friend along. The comfort of someone familiar can help you step out of your comfort zone.


Here are a few new things I want to try this month

1.       Apply my own false lashes – A friend recommend this tool – Eyelash Extension Tweezers

2.       Take a Pilates class

3.       Remove wallpaper from my bathroom – I bought this tool recently – RUST-OLEUM 02966 Wlpr Remover Tool

4.       Visit an Ethiopian restaurant, I know there are a few in Baltimore

5.       Do something very different with the blog – I’m not sure yet but you will definitely see it. God willing.


Let me know what new things you want to do this Week, or even this month.


As always,